Ledger + Metamask, how secure is it?

I have connected my Ledger to Metamask.
If someone discovers my Metamask seed phrase and my Ledger’s PIN, will they be able to transfer funds?
Or they would also need the Ledger’s seed phrase to gain complete access?
I have not been hacked, I just ask this to better understand how secure this is.

Hey @whoami, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Your Ledger wallet and its seed phrase is stored offline in its own hardware device, making it even more secure. The only way someone can access your Ledger wallet is if its seed phrase is shared.

Similar to your MetaMask password to lock/unlock your wallet, if someone has your Ledger’s PIN they can possibly get into that specific hardware device.

Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

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So unless someone has access to

  • My Metamask seed
  • My ledger PIN
  • My physical ledger

it’s not possible to access the funds

that is relieving :slight_smile:

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Three possibilities of your ledger account being stolen

  1. someone got the seed phrase for your ledger
  2. Someone got the pin of your ledger and has physical access to your device
  3. Brute force attempts to get your ledger seed phrase combination (very unlikely, currently less than 10 people in the world have had btc stolen because of this.)
    Any of the above 3 scenarios alone can lead to the theft of your assets. Nothing to do with MM’s seed phrase.
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