Connecting Ledger to Metamask

Hi all,

I connected my Ledger to Metamask and this is all working fine. But now I want to reset my ledger, just voor security etc.

How can I make sure that my tokens on this metamask Ledger are safe from dissapearing? Just transfer them to my main metamask account and connect the new ledger and transferring back?

Hi @LarsH your private keys are stored in Ledger wallet so even if you access Metamask wallet through your ledger wallet your wallet and keys are secured in Ledger wallet.
Unless you have imported the recovery phrase of Ledger to Metamask wallet or some other online wallet or saved the phrase electronically.
In order to reset your Ledger wallet you must create a new wallet on some other platforms like Metamask and send all your coins there and then reset Ledger wallet and create a new wallet on Ledger wallet and send back your funds to newly created wallet.


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