I created a ledger account on Metamask but it doesn't have a primary key

I am hoping I can get help here as google and youtube have not provided the answer I am looking for.

I set up a ledger account to protect my NFTs. On metamask, I was given an option to select a wallet which I did. I transferred my first NFT to this wallet ID only to realise I had made a mistake as this wallet ID doesn’t have a primary key. I am unable to recover my NFT. It is on Opensea but but I can’t retrieve it. Is there a work around to help me to move this elsewhere?

Thank you for reading

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You can import your metamask wallet into your metamask mobile wallet with your private key. On the mobile terminal, metamask supports NFT transfer, or you can transfer NFT out directly in opensea

I’m pretty sure that you can’t see your Ledger’s private key or seed phrase in metamask, because the private key and seed phrase is on the Ledger it self.


I am sending pictures of my different wallets so you can see the difference. The first picture shows one wallet that contains a private key. The second picture is missing a private key access. It’s the one that’s holding one of my tokens.

Directly use the sending function of opensea

Yes, this is normal and how Ledger works when connected to Metamask.

Account 1 is your Metamask account. The seed phrase and private key is from Metamask and this account has nothing to do with your ledger account

When you look at your Ledger account in Metamask, you can’t see your private key, because the key is on your Ledger. This is how the extra security in Ledger works. Your Ledger-key never leaves your Ledger.

My own Ledger account shows the same thing as you see, this is how it works :slight_smile: I know it can be hard to understand, it also took me some time to figure out.

If it is your Ledger’s seed phrase you need, then you must use the Ledger Live software to see it.

You can see my accounts here. The same as yours.



Thank you so much for your response and your help. All my other tokens that I transferred to ledger live directly I can see them but in ledger live I can’t this one particular one. I sent an email to their support team but they haven’t responded yet.

My ledger live has a different ID to the one on Metamask. It’s seems so confusing.

What ID it this you are talking about ? I agree, it is confusing in the beginning :slight_smile:

I have an Ledger Nano S and to watch the different coins in the Ledger Live software, you have to add them. But I don’t think they support all coins.

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