It is not possible to send NFTs from a ledger-linked payment to the metamast. [On Klaytn Mainnet]

I transferred the NFT I bought with Kaikas to the metamask connected to Ledger for security reasons.
However, Opensea only supports Kaikas wallet for Klaytn mainnet.
So I tried to send the NFT directly from metamask.
But chrome metamask cannot transmit NFT.
The mobile metamask does not allow Ledger to connect to Ledger.
How can I transmit NFT?

Hi @TrubleJANG read the instructions here :point_down: generate private keys (advanced)

Import ETH private key to Kaikas wallet:

PS: this is just a example image :smile: I’m not at PC

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Thanks for your answer.
I read the instructions for generating a private key.
I follow instructions.
It seems that you need to know what the path number is to know the private key.
But I can’t find what the path number is.

I hope this :point_up_2:is not your data :upside_down_face: be careful…

Similar problem is here:

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I did it!!!
Thank you so much Luigi :heart_eyes:
I didn’t even sleep yesterday.
I feel like crying because I am so grateful.

Thank you again.

PS : For those who have the same case as me, who created their Ledger wallet as Ledger Live, BIP44 will solve it. However, a person who created a wallet with Ledger Legacy will need to put m/44’/60’/0’ in the “BIP32 Derivation Path” to check the wallet.


Good job :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


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Hey Luigi. Thanks for that post about kcs and trying to get eth out of metamask, I wished I knew how to do it sooner. I didn’t know how to contact you so I found a open forum to reach you. I’m still pretty new to crypto. I was wondering if you can send me KCS coin to help me transfer it out. My address is in my profile. Thanks

Hi @Obeast I sent you some KCS :airplane:


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