I generate ledger wallet in metamask

I generate a Ledger wallet in Metamask but it doesn’t have any private key or security phrase.
Can someone help

When you setup your Ledger wallet, you also generate your Seed phrase. You can’t see your Ledger’s seed phrase in Metamask. If you want to see your Ledgers seed phrase your have to install the “Recovery check” app into your Ledger, using the Ledger Live program on your computer.

As I understand with the Ledger, you also can’t see your private key in Metamask, because both the private key and the seed phrase is on your Ledger, not inside Metamask.

Make sure your ledger firmware is up to date. (ledger live software) then install the Ethereum app.
Open the app on the Ledger, it should say “Application Ready” on the screen.
Inside Metamask, click Connect Hardware Wallet
Screenshot (14)
Click your wallet on this screen, then connect. You should get a new account in Metamask (you can change between them from the circle menu)

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