When using Ledger, can I then forget about MM seed phrase?

I have connected my Ledger Nano S to my Metamask and now keep the seed phrase for my Ledger and for my Metamaske wallet. Thats two different seed phrases.

A few days ago someone told me that because I have connected my Ledger to my Metamask, I can forget about the seed phrase for my Metamask. because the only seed phrase that is in use now is the one from my Ledger. Is that correct ?

If I have to install MM and connect it with my Ledger again, I was sure that I had to install Metamask first, then import my MM seed phrase to MM and then connect my Ledger.

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To be able to access your Ledger wallet and connect your Ledger wallet to MetaMask, you only need the seed phrase for your Ledger.

If you do not have any tokens in your MetaMask wallet and only use it to connect with your Ledger, then you can create any MetaMask wallet with any seed phrase. However, if you do use your current MetaMask wallet and it has tokens in it, you will definitely need your phrase for it also.



I have my Metamask connected to a website and on this website I have some tokens. So if I forget about my MM seed phrase, I guess I can’t connect to this website again, if I only have my seed phrase for my Ledger?

I use the Ledger to accept transaction between my MM and this website.

If it is your Ledger wallet’s address that is connected to the website, then you can connect to it again through your Ledger wallet. If it is your MetaMask wallet’s address that is connected to the website, then yes, you will need your MetaMask phrase.

Your Ledger can connect to any instance of MetaMask, so as long as you have your Ledger phrase you can always access your Ledger wallet and its associated addresses.

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