Trust Wallet -> MetaMask -> Ledger -> New Wallet -> same Seed?


i dont understand that.

I connect my TrustWallet with MetaMask. Import the Phrase and set a new password. All is fine. Now i want to connect my Ledger with these, worked but now i have another account (Account 3) which shows as “Hardware” but with a new Wallet address? Why?
And when i go to the settings and let me show my secret Phrase on this account 3 (Hardware) it show me the same seed phrase as from my Trust Wallet.

So if I loose my laptop and must be reinstall my MetaMask to another laptop what must i do then?

I don’t understand that how it technically works.

Thx for your help.

Hey @CbJack68, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Your Ledger wallet is a different wallet, and will therefore have a different address and phrase associated with it. You can connect your Ledger wallet to your MetaMask wallet, but it is not a part of your MetaMask wallet address, which is likely the cause of any confusion.

If you were to reinstall MetaMask on another laptop, you can easily import your Ledger wallet again.

Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

Thx for your fast help.

I understand and make sense. But install on a new laptop what for seed phrase is then the correct one then? Actually when i go to the security settings it shows me for all accounts the same phrase from the TrustWallet import?

Make sure that you know which accounts on your MetaMask and Trust wallet are imported or not. If they are imported accounts, they have a different Secret Recovery Phrase.

The phrase for your Ledger and your MetaMask wallet are different, make sure that you have written down both in a safe and secure place!

Yes! I have written both on a letter handwritten and store it.

So that means:

  1. Account Trust → Meta (BNB)
  2. Account Trust → Meta (ETH)
    have your own phrase (should be the originally one from Trust Wallet)
  3. Account Ledger Main
  4. Account Ledger Side
    have the phrase which i set on my ledger after initially the device.


It’s just confusing for me if i go to the settings, equal which account (1 till 4),
show me my secret phrase and they is for all 4 the same (Trust Wallet Seed).
But i think this is then a mistake or display error.

When you reveal your Secret Recovery Phrase on your MetaMask or Trust wallet, it is the phrase for ONLY that wallet.

Your Ledger has a different phrase, and it is only an imported account, not a part of your actual MetMask wallet.

Ah okay, so in that moment when I connect my Ledger, i have choose the Wallet address (1 till 12, with click at the x active button) which i want import to MetaMask?
And I must see Account 3 and 4 as different accounts but under the same log in on my chrome Meta Mask extension? Correct?

Correct :slight_smile:

You can also tell by the Hardware label on your account.

Great great great, now i understand how that works with combine wallets in one extension :), yes account 3 and 4 have the “Hardware” symbol behind the name! All works fine, have swap some coins and must agree the transaction with the Ledger.

Thx for your outstanding and fast help!

Greets from Germany, have a nice week.

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