I have restored my main wallet but i have lost all my secondary wallets (connected Trezor)

Recovered my MetaMask wallet with trust wallet seed and lost all secondary account connected Trezor
unlinked accounts Trezor (main wallet account recovered)
how to restore the wallet linked to Trezor ?

0xb03b13c268eeC2e3153f4518d52502aa729EFBb7 this wallet is not recoverable,the wallet was linked to Trezor

I got the Ledger hardware wallet, and what I did was to import my seed phrase in a new Meta mask, which create Account 1 and then select Connect hardware wallet, which create Account 2. Have you tried that ?

suggests other addresses
my old address is gone

If you import your seed phrase into Metamask you should get your old address back.

probably before the addresses were generated according to a different algorithm
this problem with addresses for many
who connected Trezor
the old address is not in the list

Do you select “Connect hardware wallet” and then see a list of addresses ? and your address is not on this list ?

not on the list
if I connect a new account
it appears in the list when restoring

(new account) new wallet

It can be seen that you no longer need to use the ledger wallet. Because ledger’s seed is connected to the Internet by you. Hackers can easily get them.

Never use the seed of the hardware wallet to fill in any place, unless the place is the hardware wallet itself. This is the point of using cold wallets.

This wallet is generated from trezor’s seed. If you cannot find the address after connecting to MM, then there is only one explanation. This address is generated from a new private key formed from the trezor’s seed and passphrase.
You can only find this wallet if you find the correct passphrase.
That is, what you entered in this window when you connected MM to create this address. It could be your pin, it could be your usual password, or something else you entered.

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So when you install a new Metamask addon in a browser and you want to use your old address, how do you bypass this without using the seed phrase you already got? If you select to create a new seed phrase you also get a new address - and then you can’t connect you hardware wallet with your old adddress…I guess ?

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seed phrase I entered for the first time after a year of using the wallet
main address restored
other address tied to wallet Trezor

You can use the original MM seed or create a new MM wallet. But never import a seed from a hardware wallet.
The address where your ledger connects to MM’s ledger-mm wallet is generated by the ledger seed. You take your ledger, go to anyone’s computer, connect their mm, the eth address of the standard wallet will always be that one. As long as the passphrase for the hidden wallet is determined, the address will not change. Nothing to do with MM. Using MM to connect ledger or trezor, MM is not used as a wallet, but only acts as a bridge.

You can try it yourself, install MM on Brave, Google, Firefox 3 browsers, make sure the seeds of 3 MM are different. Connect the ledger separately, do not enter the passphrase, or enter the same. See if you can find the same wallet.

It is strongly recommended that you change the seeds of ledger as soon as possible. First send the assets to other wallets for temporary storage, and then use ledger to generate new seeds. Take good notes. Old seeds have been exposed online for too long and should not continue to be used in cold wallets. Of course, you don’t have a cold wallet anymore either. Your current ledger is already a hot wallet.

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thank you, I found my wallet address in the list at number 7 (browser Brave)


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