How i recovery hardware wallet on metamask

i try to restore my hardware wallet on metamask . i delete my metamask then i restore by seed phrase after than my account about hardware wallet is gone. when i connect hardware wallet . i can’t to find my account . this is public key of hardware wallet 0xF8EB6f254b679498FF8F419B7Be47f86Ed577e1D . how i can do restore my hardware wallet on metamask . thank you.


For hardware wallets all you need to do is push them connect to hardware wallet and it will show you a bunch of addresses, choose the one you want, and that is it.

You don’t need to put private keys or recovery phrases.

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so i have reset matamask by seed phrase and reset trezor one by seed phrase . then i connect hw wallet on metamask but i can’t to find this address 0xF8EB6f254b679498FF8F419B7Be47f86Ed577e1D in hw wallet . how i can do.

and then i used 0xF8EB6f254b679498FF8F419B7Be47f86Ed577e1D to search in bscscan dot com then i found my wallet still have money . but i can’t to activate on matamask. how i can do. help me pls . thank you.

Sorry I do not have the trezor, so I am not sure how it works with it. I have a Ledger Nano X.

When I connect the hardware wallet to Metamask, it reads a lot of addresses from the ledger and shows me a list of 8 addresses to choose from, I looked at the one that had my money and added that one.

There was an option to see more, so I assume the hardware wallet keeps a bunch of addresses in case you want to use more than one.

If that address was from your hardware wallet, it should appear on the list. Does the trezor show you a list?

Did you ever get a reply? Mine won’t find the right address either.

I have the same issue can some help us. mine was I reset my trezor and then connect it with metamask and they give me different address. I have assets on my old one. I log in my old metamask but when I connect it with hardware wallet it shows different addresses. I have assets on my hardware wallet I do have my address here “0x9e6aF8bcaBfed9eC779072Ff68fCA5d37681E95F”

I reinstalled my MetaMask because i had a some transaction that keeps on failing. so after using my seed phrase to recover account. All my funds are gone worth $4,000 of ETH. I can still see it in ETHERSCAN. Can anyone help? I noticed a lot of people here are facing the same issues! MetaMask will take 7days to respond to you which is absurd! Same thing happening to me i have trezor one and i cant get my original address back.

same issue here i dont know how to recover and i cant find it…please help mo to recover may metamask trezor hardware account so i can disconnect it on my ronin wallet connection

For users not able to find the correct Hardware wallet address to connect, please try look in to derivation path on your Hardware wallet. the Standard derivation paths - Trezor Wiki

I’m also with the same problem, someone got a solution ??

please see above reply :slight_smile:

I look into derivation path and look in many but still can’t find it.
Here is the address that I want to get it back “0xeD2e1E7D8d69a0F88a0A883933786dA1FE8dF8f7”

Oh god!! I finally fix it. I try to “Wipe Memory” then connect Trezor wallet again. enter a seed phrase create a hidden wallet and enter the passphrase. Then I go on Metamask, connect to the Hardware wallet and finally found the old address that kept all my tokens even u need to add chain again. Hope it can fix your problem as well!

I have the same problem!
I tried both of the solutjons offered here, but srill I can’t resolve the issue.

Every time I connect the trezor to meta mask, it gives me a list of hundreds, maybe thousands of addresses to chose from, but none of them is the address I previously used when I connected my trezor to meta mask.
All of my ETH and my NFTs are there.
Please advice!

Thank you!

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Can you please explain this?
I dont understand what do I need to do?


is there any solution for this I’m having the same problem?

Hi Did you ever fix this?

This happened to be as well and I can’t find it.

Please I am hoping someone help