I can't find my trezor metamask wallet

hello! , I have a big problem and it is that I cannot find my trezor metamask wallet (Trezor1) I have been looking for it too much and I cannot find it, I have too many funds in that wallet and I do not want to lose them. Anyone know of any solution please let me know


Hey @Feliex13, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Do you best to find your Trezor wallet! However, if you definitely can’t find it, all is not lost :slight_smile:

You can recover your wallet with your seed phrase. Here’s some more info:

It is not my seed phrase, it is my wallet address that is not in Trezor

wallet : 0x2D9826905e3a327AE8B0A41147f6D1185067df7a

Your Trezor wallet has its own address, that is separate from your MetaMask address. The addresses in your Trezor wallet are only associated with your hardware wallet, and not with MetaMask.

Here is some more info on our Knowledge Base:

Hi @Feliex13 and you see this ETH address 0x2D9826905e3a327AE8B0A41147f6D1185067df7a in the program Trezor Suite or web page https://suite.trezor.io/?

i don’t see my wallet

ETH address 0x2D9826905e3a327AE8B0A41147f6D1185067df7
disappeared out of nowhere

I can’t make transactions from one wallet to another, I try but metamask freezes and a “transaction 0 failed” message appears

@Feliex13 that’s weird :thinking: the TREZOR generates still the same addresses…

Try download file bip39-standalone.html here :point_down:

Disconnect from the internet :globe_with_meridians: and open bip39-standalone.html in the browser

Check all ETH addresses :fu:

:slightly_smiling_face: and try to install the MetaMask wallet to another browser

does that work for trezor?

@Feliex13 this guide on the page coinomi :slightly_smiling_face: works for hardware wallet TREZOR

@Luigi I do not know how the tool works but it generated 10k addresses but mine is not there :frowning:

I can’t get the private key of my wallet

@Feliex13 oh 10k addresses :see_no_evil: your ETH address should have been first…


Weren’t your BNB on Account 1? You use passphrase protected?
When the address was generated by TREZOR :thinking: you should see
the ETH address in Trezor Suite.

Try turn off passphrase function :point_down: this user trezor wallet says it helped him


deactivate passphrase my wallet still does not appear, I am sad … the worst thing is that it is frozen

@Feliex13 I’d like to help you :neutral_face: but I’m running out of ideas.
Previously you used this address on the Trezor Suite app? and now he’s not in that program?

Try MyEtherWallet :point_down: you can connect TREZOR to this page and try to search your ETH address.

PS: this wallet also supports BSC network :slightly_smiling_face:

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me esta pasando exactamente lo mismoooooooo. pudiste solucionarlo ? estoy desesperado

No , lamentablemente no he podido recuperarlo , me han dicho mucho que no puse mi contraseña de trezor en metamask correcta pero he probado 100 conbinaciones diferente y nada.

@NicolasCesar descargate el archivo que esta arriba y prueba a ver si te sale