Can’t find the address created by Trezor that used in Metamask

Hi, I connected my Trezor model T to Metamask as hardware wallet, and withdraw my polygon (Matic Mainnet) to this address. But after a while, when I wantd to reconnect and link to , my model T just can’t login with the address created by trezor, and after that it didn’t show that address again!!!

I used passphrase and quite sure it’s type correctly.

The address was missing and I can’t even find it on web or Trezor suite anymore. My matic are all there, what can I do to find my missing address and link it again?

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I have the same problem as you. Anyone know how to solve it?

Most of my money is in that wallet.

any news on this? im having the same problem

I also have simmilar problem!

I connected my Trezor wallet to my Metamask, I trsnfered there all my ETH plus some NFTs from my other Metamask account, and now when I try to connect my Trezor to MetaMask again, when I press “Connect hardware wallet”, it gives like hunderds of wallers to choose from, but none of them seems to be the wallet I previously connected to MetaMask!

Please help!