Lost Metamask account (Trezor)

I uninstalled and reinstalled my MetaMask on chrome. In my previous account I had a Trezor account attached to it.

When I reinstalled, I entered my secret recovery phrases in. My first account was automatically added, and matches the one before I uninstalled. This was the one without the Trezor.

How do I get my Trezor account back? I’ve tried pressing “create account” multiple times but the old address does not appear.

When I press “Import account” it says “Enter private key string here” - what is this? Should I have saved a private key string from the Trezor associated account before I uninstalled it? All my funds are on this account. Please help me recover it! Many thanks.

Hello @Luciiz, welcome back!

You will need to connect Trezor to MetaMask wallet by using the Connect hardware wallet option in your MetaMask. Here are articles on how to do that. Please let me know if you need further assistance with this.


I can only answer for the Ledger hardware wallet as it is the one I got.

Remember to click “Connect hardware wallet” - But I also had to try this many times as my wallet address did not showed up in MetaMask. Many times some random new wallet address showed up until I finally got my real wallet address showed as on option to select.


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