Conflict between Metamask and Trust Wallet extensions

Hello. I want to make sure that the MetaMask and trust wallet extensions are connected to different buttons. But I don’t know how to make a request to connect to a specific wallet. isTrust and isMetaMask conflict. The connection is made to the default wallet. Even on the pancakeswap website, you can see this problem. Of course, we are now talking about the desktop solution.


Is it really impossible to access each of the extensions separately? Hope the community can help

Hello @Cozart, welcome to MetaMask community!

My suggestion would be to use them on different browsers. Other active wallet extensions sometimes create problems for you while you use MetaMask wallet extension.

Does that mean there is no solution at the moment? I personally use both extensions and want to alternate between them. In one browser

You understand that sooner or later this problem will have to be solved. MetaMask is not the only one. Users should be able to choose which wallet to connect

The choice of wallet is provided directly by the platform to which you connect. If they did everything right, then the right wallet is found. This is not a MM issue, but a platform issue. The simplest solution is to disable the wallet extension if you don’t want it to be used on a particular platform. Then turn it back on


Hello @Cozart.

I’ve been informed that Trust wallet are the ones setting their extension as the default wallet in the browser, resulting in these issues you are facing.

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Hello @Cozart ,
You can use detectEthereumProvider() from @metamask/detect-provider
and this object will contain isTrustWallet which is a boolean, if trust wallet doesnt exist this key will be undefined! I hope this is helpful!


Hello, to be honest, I did not find such a field in the returned object. What version of the @metamask/detect-provider library are you using?


Hi @snwlprd.eth
I’m using 1.2.0 version

Current version of the library is 2.0.0
But thanks for the info! This can really come in handy :wink:


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