Created ployogin testnet instead of mainnet

I created polygon test network in metamask instead of polygon mainnet( due to oversight) and transferred tokens from exchange… But the tokens were not deposied into wallet but withdrawl is showing as completed in exchange. What to do now. Anh help please. Can i recover those coins?.

Hi @Pavankumar and the name the token? :smiley: WETH, USDT…?

Find your token on the page and click to Add Token to Web3 Wallet

Token i transferred is Matic coins only

I tried finding the transaction in polyscan link you shared usimg transaction hash. But i could not find it. However i can see transaction in etherscan and it is showing as success

I can see token contract address under different chains in coinmarket cap. Eherium,binance and polygon. Which contract i need to use. binance