CRO token not showing after successful swap on uniswap v2

i just swaped ETH to CRO on Uniswap and added the Token on my Metamask Wallet. i should receive them after transaction was copleted but it shows 0 CRO… need help. Thanx

Hi Khalid, I don’t think CRO is listed on Uniswap, where did you get the coin address from? I have checked and am afraid CRO def not listed on Uniswap so be careful searching coin names in DEX’s, lots of fake coins.

Next time use coingecko/coinmarket to find coin address next time.

i got the address from coingecko (0xa0b73e1ff0b80914ab6fe0444e65848c4c34450b)… the thing is it did show up in my metamask wallet after the transaction was completed . where did it go

Hi Khalid, does Etherscan show those tokens leaving your wallet?

This is the hash


It clear that the ETH left my wallet but i did not get the CRO

This is very strange. It looks like the Uniswap contract sent your funds to a different account? I’d recommend reaching out to Uniswap’s support, and sharing these transactions with them. I don’t think we’d be able to determine the issue from our side.

The only thing I could think of, which Uniswap might be able to confirm, is that there are some phishing sites that appear to be Uniswap, but do things like this when you use them. You might want to carefully review your browser history and ensure you were using the real uniswap.