Assistance Needed - Coin Swap Problem

Hello Community and Support Team,

I am reaching out today as I recently encountered an issue while attempting to swap a coin for Ethereum (ETH) on Uniswap through DexTools Unfortunately, the swap did not go as expected. Although the coin disappeared from my wallet, I did not receive any ETH.

I am unsure of what I might have done wrong, and I am hoping that someone from the community or the support team can help me out. Has anyone else experienced a similar situation or have any potential solutions?

Here are the details of my swap transaction:

Platform: DexTools
Coin: DON
Target Currency: Ethereum (ETH)
Exchange Platform: Uniswap
My Wallet Adress:
Transaction Hash on etherscan:

After selecting the coin on DexTools and performing the swap for ETH on Uniswap, everything appeared to be successful as the coin is no longer in my wallet. However, the expected ETH balance did not materialize.

I have already double-checked my wallet address and the transaction details, but I have been unable to identify any obvious mistakes on my part. It is frustrating not to receive ETH for the swapped coin.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance or insights that the community or the support team can provide in resolving this issue. If there are known causes for such problems or if anyone has any ideas or suggestions, I would be grateful for your input.

Thank you in advance for your help!

hi, from ethscan we can see that eth is in your wallet.

and use to watch your wallet, the result is the same.

by the way, your question should be posted on the support board, not the feature request board. :joy:


Yes, that’s correct. There is ETH in my wallet, so it’s not empty. Before the transaction, I already had a certain amount of ETH in my wallet. However, the exchanged ETH did not get added to my wallet. Therefore, the balance in my wallet remains the same.

Oh yes, you’re right. Do you think I should close this post and open a new one?

no need. admins will move it to the appropriate section.

However, the exchanged ETH did not get added to my wallet. Therefore, the balance in my wallet remains the same.

Your eth balance was 0.0288 on the last block, so your token should not be lost :sweat_smile:


@adams91 one note, we strongly recommend not sharing your wallet address or txIDs publicly on forums. While we understand this is public info, we want to help your info being tied to your social identity, to help prevent social engineering :slight_smile:

adjusted above so you are more protected.


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