Crypto-to-Fiat currency conversion discrepancy on MetaMask vs. actual forex value (INR)

On my MetaMask Firefox extension, I’ve noticed that MetaMask’s ETH-INR currency conversion of the ETH I own in my MetaMask wallet is 7 to 8% higher than what the actual INR value is of that ETH, as per other forex platforms and even just regular Google Finance where one can see ETH-INR values. Can anyone share why this may be the case? Is MetaMask using a different currency converter that is causing this discrepancy?

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Hello, due to the interface of metamask’s market data collection, but this does not affect your actual eth quantity and value. It is just a reference. When you use metamask’s swap, metamask aggregates many DEX platforms and adopts the best trading path, so there is no need to worry :kissing:


Thanks! :blush: Yes the conversion is certainly for reference and the actual ETH in the wallet doesn’t change. I guess I became curious as to why the market data collection and hence the reference is off by a hike of 7-8%.
In any case, not much ETH for me to keep track off these days anyway, so no worries at all, just thought I’d bring it up in case any dev is looking into faster or accurate real-time fiat conversions for those new to the crypto scene and are still numerically thinking in their local currencies coz thinking in fractional shares of any crypto (0.0000… etc) is really hard :smile:

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Thank you for your suggestion. Metamask will be updated constantly. I believe developers will think about how to optimize when they see such posts. Thank you again. Indeed, metamask still has many details that need to be enhanced and improved. I hope it will surprise us in the next update.

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This may be due to low liquidity of the token you are interacting with.

Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

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