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I wanted to share my recent situation with MetaMask Customer support. I thought that I had a problem with my ETH wallet as there was a notation when I accessed the account that I did not understand.

I am well past retirement age and often have trouble figuring things out on my own. I tried to Goggle the issue and was directed to Reddit. There was a lot of “advise” on MetaMask and a lot of complaints about customer service.

One commenter on Reddit said that MetaMask’s customer support could be accessed by e-mail and gave an e-mail address to contact. So I did. Within a matter of minutes I received a reply and a “link” saying to click on it and then they would access my account and resolve my issue.

Even at my age, I didn’t think that sounded like a good idea. So I didn’t click the link.

I kept looking around on Reddit and then found I went to this site and started looking around to see if there was any information to help explain the problem that I thought I had. But there wasn’t or I couldn’t find it.

Finally I found where you could submit a “ticket” or something for support. The process was easy except that I didn’t understand the various things you were supposed to check on your ticket, so I just “guessed” at what my answers should be. Then I clicked “submit”.

I figured that I would have to wait days for a response. The folks on Reddit said that MetaMask won’t write you back and that you should use a variety of other e-mail addresses to get support.

But, within about an hour (I think) I got an e-mail from Allen in Customer Support. He asked some questions so that he could better understand my problem. I told him about the other Reddit e-mail and he immediately wrote back and said don’t click the link and it was a scam.

Throughout yesterday, Allen kept in contact with me and asked different questions to better understand my problem.

In the meantime yesterday, someone else wrote on this site about an e-mail address they learned about and whether it was a scam. I replied that I had received the same e-mail and was told it was a scam. Sadly, a third individual used that Reddit e-mail address and lost some of their ETH.

Anyways, the point of this long winded note is that Allen at Customer Support absolutely worked with me, helped me and we got the matter resolved. Because of my ignorance on certain computer things, he took the time to send me information on how to submit the information he needed.

Allen behaved as if he really wanted to help me and that I was a real person needing help and not just someone too lazy to figure out their own problem. Allen provided customer support in a manner that showed his expertise and an understanding of what customer support really means.

So I am saying “thank you” to Allen and I am glad that I found this site. Also, don’t fall for scams on Reddit and believe for one minute that MetaMask won’t respond or help you. Allen proved all of that incorrect.


Thank you for the high praise for @allen! We do our best to respond as quickly as possible. Due to the exponential growth MetaMask has seen recently, it’s often difficult to do so.

Well done in staying vigilant against fake support accounts and email addresses. You can find a list of our official support platforms here.

Of course you can post here on our community forum for assistance from our community of users as well. Remember: NEVER give your seed phrase or private keys to anyone for any reason.

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Thank you kindly, I’m glad we could be of assistance!

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Hi Allen,

I have not been able to process a transaction for the past 48 hrs. Everything is just timing out. I just un-installed/re-intstalled metamask to no avail.
I am trying to swap on PCS. no bueno.
Trying to harvest from LP’s. No bueno.
you get the idea.
I am definitely in a situation. Please help

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I sent 2 tickets. Several hours have passed since then. How long will the support reply me?

Hi, Allen! It’s been over a week since I’ve emailed metamask support about my problem. I’ve lost my original account adresses bec I accidentally turned off the sync button of my google account. Whenever I follow the instructions here in restoring original Metamask accounts, it always leads me to another whole new set if account addresses. I can’t restore my old accounts and the funds in it. If you could help me recover it that would be great. I have my seed phrase pw except for private keys. Thanks!

Hello. You’ll have to restore your old wallet @kayeyos

Hi, I already did that. I followed your instructions on how to restore my old Metamask wallet and accounts but it doesn’t add my old account address which I’ve used for my NFT games. It created new account address instead.
Please help me recover my old account address.

Can you share the old wallet public address?

Allen please help.
Metamask mobile is a problem. I feel this should be closed until its fixed specially since your customer support is low as compared to complaints volume.

A lot off people have complained and are still waiting for a reply.
We are talking about funds here and not something small. This is people’s hard earned money, we can not just keep waiting and waiting.

Please hire more people if needed to or provide quality mobile app or warn people before installing “ install at your own risk”
Im not being sarcastic but lets be honest.

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