Missing ETH from my account


I have already contacted MetaMask support on 28/05 regarding this matter via email but unfortunately I still haven’t received a reply. My ticket number is 192610. I transferred some Eth into my account yesterday and about an hour later, I had issues logging in, then I noticed the figure had changed and not long after my account was completed cleared. I checked the etherscan page on my account to check the transactions on my account and it looks like an unauthorised transaction was made from my account.

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Yep same happen to me… very scary stuff!

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I’m in the middle of making a video to show how easy it is to breach the browser, since they don’t wanna be accountable. Bur I’m not good at videos n I had emotion into it which was unprofessional lol. As soon as I finish it then It will be available n Legalities that be for all of your protection hopefully it will help some! I’m seeing lots n lots of people getting hit n no ones helping accept to state that we gave our seeds or something. This is not the case, The browser can be breached in HTML. You can’t use metamask unless u connect the wallet, you connect the wallet u give whomever complete access n that’s not how it’s supposed to work…

WTF MetaMask? This is horrible. I’m waiting for them to reply too. I know my funds are there, I see them in etherscan but I can’t add the tokens, Some of my accounts were deleted from MetaMask so it was a chore trying to add my funds to an account that’s deleted. I found a couple of those accounts and have added them, but still cannot add the tokens. In Firefox, because of all the bs that came from Brave and Chrome update. I hear MetaMask is a Google thing too, how can they be so disorganized? and silent? I’m emotional too ffs!

Same here!
I’ve lost 80 usdt from eth wallet and 1 bnb from the bsc wallet, I have email the suport and cant get an aswer