ETH can not be traced

My name is William and really a newbie at crypto. Transferred ETH to my metamask wallet, had it in my 8th account, now I’ve switched phones, can not find it. I only have account 1 and account 2 with no funds in them which is normal. But my ETH account is not empty. ,-)
thanks in advance for your useful help …

Hi William try :point_down: how to add missing accounts…

Hi Luigi,
Thanks again for trying to help but that did not work ! 3 days ago my phone died on me and obviously I hadn’t saved all my apps on icloud. Last time I checked on my other phone, had my ETH accound with the funds inside. With new phone, I managed to get the other 2 accounts which had no funds on but could not restore the ETH account. Is there a reason why you give out your ETH address ? As I don’t understand much abot crypto. ,-)

Hmm phone died :confused: try search safe mobil repair center.

But without clearing mobile memory :upside_down_face: only professionals servis.

Hi Luigi,
Still fighting to get my ETH back. I have more details now. Also I did something stupid yesterday, contacted some random address on Redditt :
He turned out to be a scam and stupidly I did give him my seed phrase as asked but a few hours later he contacted me again saying he needed the server authentification code which I did not give out this time. So I guess they haven’t access the funds yet. Where do I go from there ? Can you guide me ?
I have managed to contact the Metamask support but no answer so far.
Can we please trace the funds ?
Transaction ID :

Oh man :roll_eyes: you must not show your Metamask seed
I wrote to you: beware metamask@securetechsupport…Supportteam is scammer :bangbang:

I don’t know how to help you :neutral_face: try to contact Binance… and show them this address … I’ll write you a private message.

I know you told me, my mistake, but still think they haven’t accessed the funds, they need the server authentification code which they don’t have.
No point contacting Binance, funds were sent from Binance to Metamask and around 2 weeks ago, you helped me find them, they showed up on my Metamask, but then lost my phone and can’t trace those funds. I have transaction ID and other addresses requested, have contacted the real Metamask support center but still waiting for their feedback ! I’ll give you a donation as I said as soon as I recover those ETH.
You wanna help ?

William Kearns
WhatsApp : + 33 6 58 72 11 69
Instagram : WilliamKearns1404

Man :neutral_face: MetaMask seed = scammers have all the cryptocurrencies on your Metamask wallet

They do not need authentication code.
You should not show your tel. number :exclamation: it’s not safe.

I’ll write you a private message.