Delete account on iphone

Yesterday I clicked a scam link, I accepted and luckily I had a few cents and they took them from me,
I also had 2 nfts which they didn’t take.
Now I created a new account 2 still on the same MetaMask wallet and moved them for safety. I would like to delete account 1 on iphone but i tried in all ways, read everywhere but no way, i would like to do it on iphone if you can help me please


Due to the nature of blockchain, you cannot delete an account or you MetaMask wallet. See more here:

Because you visited a scam site and connected, it is within your best interest to create a brand new MetaMask wallet and abandon the old one. Only transfer over assets you recognize and know to be legit. See more here:

Consider getting a hardware wallet for an extra layer of protection :slight_smile: . If you are interested, read more about these here:


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