New MetaMask-account on same g-mail?

Hello dear community!

A couple weeks back I first installed MetaMask, but right after creating my account I had to suddenly leave and didnt get to write down the seed phrase. I now finally have some spare time to set up my MetaMask again, but ofcourse, I now have forgotten the completely new password I came up with a few weeks back. The result, a fresh metamask-wallet without any assets, but without any possibility to acces it.

From my understanding it is not possible to delete the account due to the nature of blockchain. Since I use my gmail for many many apps I would love to not have to create a new gmail-account for the sole purpose of using metamask.

Is there any possibility to use metamask through my main gmail-account or unfortunately not?

Thanks in advance!

@swezen , welcome!
MetaMask does not control any of your personal/private data on our servers. Everything is encrypted on your browser and protected via your MetaMask password.

When you create your MetaMask account, you are prompted very clearly to backup your seed phrase. This information is literally the most critical thing associated with your MetaMask account and all the funds inside. Without it, you cannot access your MetaMask accounts, unless you have your private keys stored.

There is no way for us to help you get into MetaMask without your seed phrase. We can only urge you strongly to make sure that you always backup your seed phrase next time so this never happens again.

That said, if you have a backup of your computer files from the time you had MetaMask wallet working, there might be a possibility that you can recover the seed via the encrypted vault. Follow the support article here: