Recovery account metamask with account google

Good morning friends! I apologize immediately if I do not publish in the appropriate section.

I have a problem with the metamask wallet which I can no longer access because I do not have the seed phrase

I use the chrome browser
I had linked metamask and other extensions to my google account synced in the browser

I log in to a new google account, it requires me to log out of all accounts to connect another one. I automatically lose all extensions, including metamask.

Assuming that I have not deleted history, changed browser or formatted the pc

I have already tried using the seed recovery method recommended by metamask but without any result as the history from which to draw is missing

I don’t remember exactly which google account was with the linked extensions, including metamask. Do you recommend that I try all the google accounts until I find the right one?

What would you do?
Thanks in advance friends

Sim . Tente todos e ao conseguir abra outra metamask e transfira para la mais seguro pois caso vc não consiga entrar mais vc fira sem suas criptomoedas !