Lost seeds, thereafter created several new accounts

Help pls

  1. I created MetaMask account
  2. I forgot to save MetaMask seeds
  3. Deleted MetaMask extension
  4. Created new MetaMask account
  5. Forgot to save seend again
  6. Deleted MetaMask extension
  7. Did this process few times (in one day, 28.03.2022)

Now i need 4th account

I have tried:
· System Restore
· AstroGrep
· DiskDrill
· Puran file recovery
· RS file recovery
· EaseUS
· recuva

What can i do in this situation?

Hi there and welcome to Metamask community :slight_smile:

Next time you forgot your seed phrase, you don’t have to uninstall Metamask and create a new wallet. If you still have Metamask installed you can find the seed phrase if you follow this guide

You say you need the 4th account ? Did you add some money to this account ? Did you install/delete Metamask 4 times and got 4 different seed phrases ? or did you create 1 wallet with many sub-accounts


I have money on the 4th account.
I deleted and installed MetaMask more than 4 times and each time forgot to write down the seed.
(Different seed phrases cause it was different accounts).
And now i dont have acces to the 4th account.

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