Account Recovery from Gmail

Hi guys,
I have Lost my metamask account due to sudden factory restore of my mobile. I lost my secret phrase and my account as well.
I need to get back my account if anyone know how i can get recover my aacount from gmail or public address do let me share there experience.

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please post in proper channels.

Ouch. Im sorry to hear that happened.
Metamask is non-custodial, meaning we dont have any level of access to your account. We also don’t store any info about your accounts on our servers.

It shouldn’t be possible to work out a private key from a public one (an important feature of cryptography, in fact)

A favorite method of many is to stamp your Secret Recovery Phrases into metal, like a washer, or steel plate.

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You must recover the access to your gmail. You need install your account in another device. Install Metamask in other browser and put the seed again and the password. If you lost the seed and password the only solution is recovering the mobile information wiht forensic computer techniques. Good luck.

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