Private key recovery

Hello please i need help. I didn’t manage to save my private key for my added account and i uninstalled my metamask. And my funds are there. Is there a way to recover it? Pleasee i really need help


Well, the information is in your computer and you must search and decrypt to get the seed. You must searh in Google ‘how get the Metamask Vault’ and with any tutorial get the seed and if you know the password then get again the seed. If that is very difficult for you then you need a crypto hunter like me.

I activate the same problem and now I have my NTFs at the old address. Does anyone have any idea how to recover as NFTs?

I’m also having the same problem, can you recover lost NFTs in another metamask account?

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Hi Silvia, if you cant recover it contact to me, see my profile where you have all the information.

@SilviaTurina @Rage First of all, what platform are you running Metamask on?
If you’re on Android there’s no chance
If you’re on iOS it’s only possible to get back your last wallet
If you’re using a browser extension on a PC or Mac if may be possible to recover your data from both current and old wallets.


Yes, I was using chrome with a single profile. But that profile was deleted and I had to reconstitute the wallet and I didn’t have the recovery keywords. The only way was to create another wallet, with another address. In Mintable I was able to recover the profile, but my NFTs are no longer there. In my Open sea I could not recover my profile. But it is possible to see him on the platform and the NFTs too

You can try using the Vault Decryptor to find your Secret Recovery Phrase.

Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

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