I lost my seed phase! How can I restore my wallet with the vault decryptor?

If you still have access to your web browser on which you had your MetaMask wallet or your computer files, you can try to use the vault decryptor to to regain access to your Metamask wallet.

You can find steps to do so and a video here.

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You closed my topic, that I could find a solution here. But like I said before. I cant access the browser anymore, even the extension in Chrome got away after my laptop broke…

@Moneywithtim even if you can’t access that browser anymore, it is sometimes possible to find the deleted vault file by working with a computer forensics company, so long as you haven’t continued using that computer and written over the part of your hard drive where your vault file was previously stored.

Pls help me i want to retrive my meta mask i lost my seed phrase… pls help me i want to retrive my seed phase

hi there please let us know how can i get back seed phase is there any way to recover it? in android phone…

This is probably one of the best advices. The big problem is that people are coming here after they messed with their Metamask installations and not before.

I have helped people recover their Assets but what still puzzles me the most is how little they invest in securing their funds. Some store hundreds of thousands on their Laptops and share them with people, share their computers via Anydesk and so on…

Please, learn about Crypto first. Do not FOMO into new tokens and projects without first digging into the Ecosystem of Crypto and learning all the basics.

Crypto is an advanced feature that requires a lot of care because you are becoming your own bank. All the amazing rewards come at a price: learning about the new tech and protecting unwanted access to your funds.

You can still recover your address without the Seed Phrase if you still have the original files and did not mess too much with the files, specially if you have the habit to backup your files every now and then… but having the seed phrase is the best way to always have control over your assets wherever you go. Try to memorize it also. and use long and strong passwords when using Metamask.

Anyone with access to your computer can download the logs where your Vault Data is stored and brute force their way into it if you use a password of less than 9 characters.

I insist: learn, learn about crypto first, then enjoy the benefits of moving to the crypto space.