Metamask Vault Decryptor and old account

after downloading metamask I started using it without backing up the seed pfrase, mistakenly believing it was enough to have the password.
I then uninstalled the extension to create a new profile and realized that I could no longer access the old one.
I tried to use the guide on the site and through the folder “nkbihfbeogaeaoehlefnkodbefgpgknn” I was able to complete the procedure, but the procedure only works with the new profile.
Is it possible to recover the seed phrase of the old profile with this procedure?
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Hi @egossss! Welcome to the MetaMask community!! :fox_face: :rocket:

Unless your have a time machine backup with your previous MetaMask wallet vault, unfortunately you will not be able to recover your previous wallet via the vault decryptor.

thanks Bharman for your fast reply, sorry for the ignorance, what is a time machine backup? is there any guide on how to do it?
is this guide usefull for my case?

Time Machine is an app Apple iOS provides (there are other OS equivalents) that allow you to backup your computer and access backups from the past. If you have this, you can access backed up files with your original MetaMask wallet to decrypt your vault and gain access to it.

Yes, you can follow the steps in that article to decrypt your vault, if you’re able to gain access to the correct files.

I’m a windows user. So there is nothing I can to do detect those datas unless I have already installed a backup program?

I’m not able to provide any recommendations regarding this, but I’m sure you can find several options!