Deposited & swapped KIBA, where are my funds?

I went cold for a while after cutting my teeth on how to swap stuff. I followed these steps

  • Sent ETH to metaMask
  • used kibaSwap to get WETH
  • swapped WETH for KIBA
  • saw KIBA balance in metaMask

The question is… where are my funds?


I can see that I have a qty of KIBA in metaMask, forgot how/where to get them.

Thanks in advance


I think I may have answered my own question. I see a qty of KIBA. Is that qty what I would use to swap for something else (I saw USD on Binance)?

You can use the swap function of metamask to directly exchange the assets you want; You only need to enter the assets in the exchange line

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Thanks for the reply. So am I correct with the assumption that my 679****.29817 KIBA represent what I can swap for other alt’s of back to binance for money?

Try using the swap function of metamask

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