Conversion rate seems way off


I had bought a bag of Kiba Inu a couple of months ago and now the price is going up.
I have around 32178745 Kiba.
When I go on pancake swap and try to swap them to BNB, I only get 0,017BNB which is around. If I calculate the worth manually (using the Kiba price on coingecko, I should have around 1800$ worth).

Kiba Inu (KIBA) = 0.000000149822 BNB
so with my 32178745 Kiba, I should be getting 4,83 BNB and I am only getting 0,017


Can anyone help me?


This really isn’t related to MetaMask and would probably be better to ask in the Kiba Inu community since I’m betting they have way more knowledge!

However, I played around a bit just to see if I could match what you have. It looks like there are two Kiba Inu token contracts on BSC. The one you are using, and then this other contract : 0xC3afDe95B6Eb9ba8553cDAea6645D45fB3a7FAF5 which would swap out closer to the numbers you’re calculating.

I don’t know anything about this token. I can see they must have done a v1 to v2 migration recently according to their Twitter and on Coingecko. Your contract token address is different for one reason or another which I don’t know why. Hopefully related to migration and not a scam contract.

Maybe you could connect with their community through links on their site. With something like this I’d be really careful with any info you get. Just to throw it out there, nobody from any support will ever ask for your seed phrase and you’ll never need to plug your seed phrase into a website, don’t share you screen. I wouldn’t click any links anyone shares to me (even in their discord or DMs), I’d want to go through a tokens website, or read up enough on it from several sources.In these situations, this is where the scammers pop out like wildfire. Like on twitter I can see someone using the handle “kiba inu support” but they aren’t support. So be really careful!

This is not advice, just my opinion. Just sharing it’s not really MetaMask related. Good luck!

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