Can anybody help me please?

Hello, yesterday I change BNB to Kiba Inu in pancakeswap and my Kiba didn’t appear. When I put the adress it was correct because I look it for in coingecko and cointelegraph. I copy this adress and did de operation.

Today I add the crypto to may wallet manually, I have all de tokens but de value is not correct. The value that I can see is a ten per cent of the total but the number of tokens is more or less correct.

In pancakeswap don’t appear any token.

What could I do? Could anybody help me please? Thanks



Hey @Xghj, welcome to the MetaMask community!

You can try these steps in our Knowledge Base, the same steps apply for BSC:

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Thank you very much! Now I can see the tokens and the correct value in BSCscan but in wallet is wong yet. I’ m connected by mobile not with PC. How can I get change the value please?

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@nakedwinnie Please can you help me?

Please @nakedwinnie or @Luigi could you help me please? The value of my Kiba isn´t correct. I did everything you said to me…

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@Xghj What do you mean? Currently your KIBA token is worth 540 $


Number of tokens may change :point_down:


Did you update the coin in metamask? Looks like they taxed you 25% for swapping the coin.