Where are my tokens wrong balance and amount?

Hello there, I have complete three swaps with PancakeSwap to my metamask wallet with BNB.
My BNB balance was perfectly shown. Then I went to PancakeSwap and completed three swaps after I connected my metamask wallet to PancakeSwap.

My transactions are shown on bscscan clearly showing the amounts but in my metamask wallet the balance isnt the same. I removed the token and restored token again. How do I fix this issue please.

Over the night my Token ballance just decreased but there isnt a transfer of some tokens on the bscscan.

The part is that i have must have the swap done right, because i have some balance of tokens in my wallet. But not all of them and the part that the amount of them decreased over night give me just questionmarks.

Can anyone help please ?

To me happened the same. I hope that we still can trust Metamask :frowning:

i really hope someone can help us solving this problems.

Only Metamask Support can help but at same time my tokens still decreasing.

It looks like a BNB issue.

looks like this community aint that active.

same here it is keep on reducing…pls need help

did your issue resolved? coz am facing same issue.

Which coin did you bought?
If it’s a rebase coin, it’s normal that your assets disappear. I didn’t knew about the rebase coins but had to learn it the hard way. Rookie mistakes.
They are regularly reduced and the coin worth doesn’t mean anything. They’re regulated about the market cap. That they disappear is normal. Unfortunately…

Just a small info how rebase tokens work:

I buy for 100USD tokens with a market cap of 1,000,000USD at purchase time.
I own 100USD.
The market cap goes up to 2,000,000USD my tokens are now 200USD worth.
The market cap goes down to 500,000USD my tokens are 50USD worth.
The worth of each token isn’t important at all, only the market cap plays the game.