Missing balance on my custom tokens

Hello there, I have complete two transfers from one wallet to metamask wallet with ETH.

My ETH balance was perfectly shown. Then I went to hokkfi and completed a swap after I connected my metamask wallet to hokkfi.

My transactions are shown on etherscan clearly showing the amounts but in my metamask wallet the balance is zero. I have tried all the formalities in fixing this bug, but still no balance. I changed networks and back again, I removed the token and restored token again. How do I fix this issue please.

I want to move my hokk token balance from metamask to an off line edger and it will not allow me to do so because my balance is zero

I contacted customer support they emailed me back saying they are experiencing long delays, that was 8 days ago. Still not success in a reply.

Can anyone help

Have you added these as custom tokens with the correct contracts?

This has happened to me, I’ve contacted support and got a reply that had nothing to do with my concern… I replied asking the same question and I’m still waiting, its been four days…

Last night, I took a look at my token’s to discover one of the token balances had disappeared? ( the token is still there, but the balance has gone)?

Whats going on?

Why is this app so buggy?

Can someone please fix this, as I would like to transfer my tokens to ledger but cant because the balance is zero on 4 tokens.

Same thing happened to me

Hello dear.
I have 2 swap transaction, Eth to eMax.
First about 0.062 ETH and second 0.14 ETH.
I think my eMax balance show just second transaction.
I think my emax balace must more than it .
I will pleasure if you help me.
best regards.