Tokens amount in MetaMask not right/same as can be seen on BSCscan

Hello everyone,

I have a few tokens that show wrong amount of tokens swapped but on BSCscan i do see the right amount i’ve swapped.
How to fix this?

What i’ve done so far,

Hide and re-add the tokens…didn’t help
Bought a few extra tokens…didn’t help
Re-install MetaMask…didn’t help…really do not want to do this one again…so much work…lol
Re-install Googel Chrome…didn’t help

Tokens still show a much lower amount in MetaMask than what i’ve swapped…???
On BSCscan there is no issue and it show the right amount.

I did sent MetaMask a message about this issue and since i’m waiting on their reply i’m posting it here to see if i’m overlooking something here?

Any help with this issue is welcome.

Best regards,

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Same problem here and also contacted support. Hopefully we’ll get e good solution.

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If i find the solution somewhere on the net i’ll let you know because this is a bad issue since we can not swapped a token fully if the amount in MM wallet isn’t the right one.
Just imagine you have a good token with good profit and here you have like only 5% in your MM wallet…not good at all…-.-


I’m also searching for a solution and will let you know about a working solution if the support doesn’t react or solve.

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SOLUTION for this issue, only apply to Binance Smart Chain tokens as far as i know :wink:

I just sent the 13 tokens with very little tokens amount count from MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain Wallet and all my missing tokens amount are back as they should be …^^

I have now billions and billions of tokens back into my Binance Smart Chain wallet…awesome!

Since all my tokens are Binance Smart Chain Network tokens it is best to sent them to Binance Smart Chain wallet and so i did :wink:

Metamask should really fix this issue because it is going to cost them users in the long run.

There you have it, enjoy and i hope this help everyone out there with this same issue…^^



Can you please help me out with a bit more information how to do that. I’m new to crypto and don’t want to make any mistake.
Thanks in advance for your help.

I sent 200 tokens to Binance Smart Chain Wallet (Chrome Plugin) but nothing has changed on my amount in Metamask. Still missing more than 75% of my tokens :frowning:

What exactly did you and how long took it until your balance was restored?
Thanks and regards :slight_smile:

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Yeah Need Some More explaination too please.

What do you mean you transfered the small amount (wrong Shown) in the MM-wallet to a different bsc wallet and what Happens After ? How all you coins shown up ?

scince i transfered some of my tokens to a different wallet nothing changed to my MM-Wallet. But now my bscscan aint right anymore thats so confusing. bscscan showing me now ~3million more tokens than i should have on this adress scince the swap to another wallet from my MM-wallet.
This token is making me going crazy.

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If you sent your tokens to the Binance Smart Chain Wallet than you have to add that token contract to your Binance Smart Chain Wallet and you will see the right amount of your tokens.
That same token in Metamask should read 0.

It takes no more than 30 seconds or so :wink:

That is it, very simple solution


Say i have swapped 1000 tokens with Metamask but in Metamask it show that i only have 10 tokens.
Checking the BSCscan i see i have swapped/bought 1000 tokens so the solution for me is to sent the 10 token from my Metamask wallet to my Binance Smart Chain Wallet.
Once these tokens arrived at my Binance Smart Chain Wallet i can see the right amount of 1000 tokens that i bought and not only the 10 what Metamask was showing.

Hope this help you understand the solution.

First, is your token on the Binance Smart Chain network?

Once you sent a token from Metamask to Binance Smart Chain Wallet and check your token from your Metamask BSCscan it should be zero but if you go to your Binance Smart Chain Wallet and check that same token on BSCscan you will see your total amount of token there.
Metamask and Binance Smart Chain Wallet both have another wallet address on the BSCscan.

Hope this help you out a bit.

You should sent all of the tokens of the 200 tokens you’ve sent in Metamask to Binance Smart Chain Wallet and than just add the contract into Binance Smart Chain Wallet and you will see the total amount you really swapped in the first place.

There a little bit of transaction fee so instead of having say 100,000,000 tokens you will have say 99,900,000 or so.

You are welcome :wink:

when i try to send my tokens from MM to BSC wallet at the time of transfer it is showing me same half amount of tokens not full amount… so did it happened to u as well?

Yes, that is correct but when you add that token to your BSC wallet you will see the right full amount as shown on BSCscan.


i tried transferring my all tokens from metamask to bsc wallet but it keeps on FAILING and transaction fee is keep on deducting :frowning: i even used Gwei around 65 and limit around 150,000 but still fail. as per eth gas station the gwei was fastest 89 then 67 then 63 and i choose to be in middle but still can’t go through :frowning:

Hi, think I got same kind of problem. Bought 293k of tokens, got 15k xD. wtf? who knows?

I observed that the value of tokens remained nearly the same, 293000 coins * 0,000366 $ per coin = 107 $ at 12 october, and 15 000 coins * 0,0094 $ per coin = 141 $ at 13 october, not a big difference (nearly 35$). Maybe that will help somebody to find the right cause of this robbery. TY

I did not get that problem, all my transaction from Metamask to BSC wallet went smooth and i pay just a little bit of fee.

I think that is a re-base type token which means that every 8 hours/day the amount in your wallet will be reduced.
I had a few of those and sold them asap, i would advice you to do the same.