Difference of tokens number betwen Metamask and BSC online adress

Hello dear,

I have swap on pancakeswap more than 4,5 cryptos this morning but at the end of the day i see a difference between the morning balance and actual balance with only 2 cryptos.
I have a few others cryptos and with the old no problems.

I have buy 1,256,521 FSD + 915,841 FSD = 2,172,362 FSD
But now when i check my Metamask Wallet i see 557,455 FSD but on the BSC online adress i see 1,939,286 FSD …
I check 30min later my Metamask and now it’s 454,050 FSD but the BSC online address do not change.

I have buy 39,654,426 BITC + 39,638,907 BITC = 79,293,333 BITC
After i have withdraw 3,035,200 BITC + 22,258,134 BITC = 25,293,334 BITC for swap to FSD on pancakeswap.
So 79,293,333 BITC - 25,293,334 BITC = 53,999,999 BITC
Now my BITC it’s to 5,400,000 and do not change like the FSD but it’s very big difference too …

I have check all the transactions on my BSC address and nothing ( i give you all screen capture )
I have check all history on pancakeswap and nothing.
I have deleted all the website connected to my wallet but the FSD tokens decrease after that too…
I have hide the tokens from the wallet and import again with the contract address from CoinMarketCaps but nothing …

Can you help me please ? I really don’t undertstand what’s going on, it’s not stolen but where is the token ?

Thank you

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If you didn’t make any other swap it should be in your wallet. Can you share the hash to check ?

This is my bsc wallet address : 0x33057A8C9b21E15AdfFfD379e0e09794b5ec5555
Can you see the hash with that or do you need other information ?
Thank you a lot for your quick answer

It shows your bitecoin is in your wallet. Check under the tokens platform

I need to check the website of each token with issue ? I don’t understand very well, i’am sorry

Don’t buy rebase tokens :sweat_smile: and tokens that do not have a good website.


How to identify rebase token ?

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Needs to be read a lot :grin:

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Thank for your answer !

I have read a few about it and i begin to understand what i have buy lol …
But on the documentation, normaly the value it’s the same.

For exemple if i understand,
I buy 10 tokens for 10$, so 1$/Token.
The token price increase to 2$, but my tokens it’s decrease to 5. But with 5 tokens at 2$, i have my 10$ value.

But in my case, the value of the token decrease too …
The rebase token can do that ?

Have you a good documentation about that NOR about quick analyze of the solidity code ?

Thank you a lot

@Cryptmumu exactly :nerd_face: the token price goes up and the number of tokens changes down.

@Dermian I’ll give you a question too :rofl: how to recognize a scammer?


Yes i have understand too late the rebase functionnality …
But when i do [Number of my tokens]*[actual price] = [total value], the total value do not as the same of when i have buy … It’s rebase functionnality too ?
And why i look up my wallet on BSCSCAN, my wallet have 54,000,000 of tokens and on my Metamask is 7,200 now … I think Metamask is not sure …

Hi, I also have a problem. I checked all the transaction information. It is correct, but it is decreasing frequently. I also informed the support, but I did not receive a response.

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