Quantity is not same as BSCSCAN & keep on decreasing day by day

i bought/swap some tokens by metamask (chorme extension) but quantity is not the same as showing in bscsan and now it is decreasing day by day.

Will appreciate if anyone can help me in this or shall i contact support team?

They are for sure rebase tokens. It’s normal that they get decreased because the number of tokens you bought is not that what the worth of your wallet defines. It’s only the market cap.
I had the same experience and could find out what it means.
Just search for rebase.

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so u mean eventually it will come to ZERO?? so what is the solution?

It will not go to zero.
Just a short info how rebase works:

I buy for 100USD tokens with a market cap of 1,000,000USD.
I own 100USD.
The market cap goes up to 2,000,000USD my tokens are now 200USD worth.
The market cap goes down to 500,000USD my tokens are 50USD worth.
The worth of each token isn’t important at all, only the market cap plays the game.