Decrease in total token quantity

I have recently made a transaction to buy some GUH by swapping with BNB. My transaction went good and I received the tokens in my Metamask wallet. When I made the transaction, I received 0.22 GUH and Metamask wallet was showing the same amount. Today, when I checked the wallet, it was only showing 0.10. Where did the rest of the tokens went? Please help, I’m terrified :frowning:

We are not familiar with GUH. There are tokens out there that are called rebase token that self adjust quantities. This sounds like one of these tokens.
We do recommend our users to thoroughly research a token project before buying in.

Thank you for your response, I really appreciate it.
This will be a big learning lesson for me.
So, rebase token adjusts its value every day, but will it also affect the price or actual amount of the token? or price remains same?

Thanks a Ton!

I think this depends on the token projects itself. Usually, the price remains, just the token quantity changes.