Detect untrusted webside

metamask is the world’s leading brand, it should be able to detect the list of untrusted websites, avoid users’ accidental authorization and lead to the loss of money in the wallet

Hey @chainsky, welcome to the MetaMask community!

This is something we are actively working on, there is also a phishing detector you can learn more about here:

It’s a constant work of progress :slight_smile:


Thanks for your feedback soon.


In addition to this, I wanted to make a chrome extension that can simply read the txns users want to send out in their metamask.

Is there a way to emit the unsigned txn?

If so, a chrome extension can make appropriate checks like domain check, address + contract evaluation, etc to alert users that they’re making a txn or sending eth to a potentially scammy address.


Hey @belmont1, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Maybe Transaction Insight is what you’re looking for?


that’s available in the metamask ui, but I don’t recall seeing how I can access it as an api programmatically.

Would you happen to know?

I don’t see something resembling it in the metamask api docs.


Yeas. All in cos this goes a long way to help newbies


Thank you for your information.

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@ntfsun Could we use this feature on new version ?

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