Implement a “Phishing scam” warning in Metamask

Show a warning when users are going to sign a transaction where the recipient address has been involved in phishing scams. These accounts are already being tracked by good tools like ScamSniffer, also used by Etherscan.

Highly improve users safety.



How MetaMask could use it:

How Etherscan is using it:

Hey @Simone, you may be interested in Transaction Insight Snaps, offering features similar to what you have suggested.

Read more here on our Knowledge Base:


Cool, thank for the link (I’d have known about it before :sweat_smile:). I’m not sure if Wallet Guard also maintains a list of malicious wallet addresses, but I’ll give it a try :+1:

I guess this feature request could be directed to a snap development. Give it’s security oriented, maybe an official one? :upside_down_face:

Other Snaps like Forta maintain a list of malicious addresses, you can check out the full list of Transaction Insight Snaps on and sorting by Transaction Insights :slight_smile:

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