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Snaps allow you to add extra features and functionality to your MetaMask wallet find out more here: Customize your wallet with MetaMask Snaps

Transaction Insights provide essential information about a transaction you’re about to submit. For example, Forta protects users from scams by highlighting the risk of a user-initiated transaction before the transaction is approved. Read more on our Knowledge Base here: https://support.metamask.io/hc/en-us/articles/18377011111579-What-are-MetaMask-Snaps-T[…]scord&utm_medium=post&utm_campaign=2023_Nov__awareness_none

:lock: How it Works:

The Forta Snap for MetaMask is a plugin that automatically scans the addresses in a user’s pre-signed transaction against Forta’s database of known scammers. Based on the results, the plugin will display a “high-risk” or “low-risk” warning message to the user.

Some of the scam types covered by the Forta Snap include:

  • Token impersonation

  • Pig butchering

  • Gas minting

  • Sleep minting

  • Hard and soft rug Pulls

  • NFT wash trading

-Access to keys or user assets - No

-Access to create/update/modify transactions - No

-Access to read transactions - Yes

Forta Snap does not have access to users’ keys or assets. Forta Snap access is limited to reading the transactions and displaying the risk rating.

:writing_hand: Practical Examples:

By accessing the Forta tab, users are presented with one of two indicators:

High Risk: This label signifies that the address being interacted with has prior associations with scam activities. Caution is advised.

Low Risk: This label indicates that there’s no known record of the address being involved in scam-related activities. However, users should still exercise their own due diligence.

Click the Forta Tab in MetaMask: Once you’ve initiated a transaction, navigate to the Forta tab within the MetaMask transaction window.

Check the Risk Level: On the Forta tab, you’ll see a risk assessment label, either High Risk or Low Risk, which gives you an indication of the potential risk associated with the address.


Ready to try? Install the Snap here: Forta

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