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Snaps allow you to add extra features and functionality to your MetaMask wallet find out more here: Customize your wallet with MetaMask Snaps

Transaction Insights provide essential information about a transaction you’re about to submit. For example, Saferoot actively monitors and defends against vulnerabilities.

:closed_lock_with_key: How it Works: :magic_wand:

Saferoot is an automated crypto asset protection service that integrates with your wallet to prevent losses from hacks, scams, or user errors. If a threat is detected it automatically transfers assets to a backup wallet before a hack or error can occur.

Note: It does not have access to customers’ private keys at any time and is designed to prevent unlawful tampering by external and internal actors.

:white_check_mark: It’s non-custodial and tamper-resistant
:white_check_mark: It’s 24/7 security
:white_check_mark: Easy to use
:white_check_mark: It’s configurable

:writing_hand: Practical Examples:

:white_check_mark: Phishing database checks
:white_check_mark: Transaction simulations
:white_check_mark: Detect and halt dangerous transactions in their tracks

:fox_face: Conclusion:

Saferoot allows you to participate inWeb3 with the assurance that your assets are shielded by a sophisticated and tailored security solution.

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