Did i hack ? Is david finlay a real employee?

I requested help from a link on Twitter .And this guy send me a mail … Is this person a real employee?
I give him 12 words .He said it was necessary for the correction…
I writed david finlay twitter and instagram but he doesn’t return to me.
280 dollars was lost. He said I was hacked and the money would come back.

I’m sorry, but if you have given 12 words sees then am afraid it’s def scam! It happened to me and lost nearly $1k so sadly this is crypto, it’s not made for the security of the average person. It was my 1st week in crypto land! Still new 4th week.

My money is in here 0x492257b8AaD4cD2fa19e3d8E66E691c67514779a

I know how you feel, but I’ve been told that there’s nothing anyone can do! It was DESIGNED that way from day one! It’s terrible if you ask me! I just found account 2 in my metamask and I haven’t created! I think the security of Metamask is terrible. I have moved small amount of ETH i had in there as support will take forever and no telegram or anything for fast response.

Where is the admins here ? Why they dont help ?

I’m very sorry to hear this happened. Unfortunately this was a scam and impersonator of Dan.

If you need support, please reach out to us via one of our official support platforms listed here.

Since your wallet has been compromised, we recommend that you create a completely new wallet, move any remaining tokens in your compromised wallet to your new wallet, and abandon your compromised wallet.

NEVER give your seed phrase or private keys to anyone for any reason. Support will never ask for it.