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Yesterday I tried to list for sell one of my NFTs via OpenSea. It was a first time transaction. I went through all steps i.e. paid for gas fees and approved for sell, but when it came to the signature request - I didn’t get any in my MetaMask wallet. I was waiting for several hours, restared the app, looked on desktop, nothing. Later I checked the link from OpenSea on Etherscan and it said that the transaction was dropped. However, when I click to the link from MetaMask - Transactions it says that action was “success”. Here is the hash: 0x225d3b4a2b349e10758b5b7c5b9076e81b20dfd554523e827efe2aa26079e428

The funds were taken, but I couldn’t approve the listing and my NFT is not for sale yet. My money are gone as well. Questions: Where are my funds in this case? Why didn’t I get this signature request on MetaMask?

Hey @katerrina, it looks like your transaction was actually successful. You can see on the block explorer here :point_down:

If the NFT listing is not showing on OpenSea, I would suggest contacting their team since this issue relates to OpenSea.

Well, it was successfull in a sense that my ETHs were taken from MetaMask. But, the whole issue is that I wasn’t able to confirm the listing from my MetaMask wallet because I never get the signature request. I guess that’s why the transaction was dropped at OpenSea end. I messaged them as well, but I think the main issue here is the missing signature request which is MetaMask issue.

Could you please let know why I never got signature request and where are my ETHs currently (since they are not in my wallet for sure). Thank you!

That’s very weird :thinking:

Can you provide more information on the steps you went through? Did you get to this screen? :point_down:

No, I didn’t get anything like that. All I saw was the OpenSea process screen with “Initialize your wallet” and “Approve this item for sale” marked as done and the MetaMask window on side with as when you about to proceed with purchase. Nothing about Tokens. The step still in progress was the last one - “Confirm the listing” and it was saying “Accept the signature request in your wallet and wait for your listing to process.”, “Waiting for approval”. I never get the signature request on MetaMask window or app.

Later, when I clicked on “View on Etherscan” in OpenSea it showed that the transaction was dropped, but my funds were taken from my wallet and in MetaMask app it still shows that it was a success.

Here is the hash to the dropped transaction: 0x94498266f760b690ba68d20e253cc792f975e7e22d3bf4b5697407bc9faddae4

Also, there is another transaction which I noticed, which says pending: 0x94498266f760b690ba68d20e253cc792f975e7e22d3bf4b5697407bc9faddae4

I’m totally confused, maybe the problem is in me, but I can’t figure out where are my ETHs and why I never got the signature request.

Sorry to hear about all the troubles.

If you would like, you can submit a ticket to our support team at https://metamask.zendesk.com/hc/en-us and click Start a conversation

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