Does swap from USDT to tokens cost more gas?

Hi folks,
I deposited 29 USDT into my wallet and found that it costs about $160 in gas to convert that to a token. Frustrating lol So my question is, would a swap cost significantly less if I were to deposit the same amount of Eth and swap for another token?


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In short: not necessarily.

The gas fee is determined and taken by the network, not MetaMask. The fee fluctuates based on demand for transactions to be completed. It’s hard to know what action will cost more or less. You can always enter the swap and see the gas estimation before executing it.


Thanks @bharmon for your timely reply and welcoming me.
So, paying $160 for any transaction on ethereum is common? I guess that’s my actual question

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Unfortunately, yes. The Ethereum developers are working to scale the network to help with the gas fee prices, but at this time, they’re particularly high.

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