Why swap fee is usually more expensive?

This question look basic, but why is that then? I just did swap ETH to 400 USDC minutes ago, (18 gwei atm), It did cost me $4-6, Uniswap wudn’t cost this high :cold_face: , and this is not the first time

Any reason? IDK much how MM swap function work… Could you concisely elaborate? /TY :saluting_face:

It all depends on gwei at the moment of the transaction, on your gas settings in MetaMask, on the fact that a swap is a more complex transaction than a transfer would be and there is also a small fee of 0.875% to MetaMask as the facilitator of aggregating swap options. The difference isn’t big at all.
Here is a comprehensive article on how Swaps works in MetaMask.


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