Edit Mainnet RPC

Why can’t I edit my Mainnet RPC?
This seems monopolistic and/or anit-competetive.

Is there another option? For example marking one of my custom networks as the default for that chain ID?

The EIP ( 3085 ) for wallet_addEthereumChain indicates that “the wallet MUST NOT allow the same chainId to be added multiple times.”

MM breaks this rule, and also creates ambiguity by quietly blocking requests for conflicting chains.
{code: -32602, message: ‘May not specify default MetaMask chain.’}

hi @Squeebo ,

You can change the RPC. See this guide:


@KBeeTheCapybara thanks for the advice!

Unfortunately, I think this is misleading. The illustrations show the user clicking “Add Network” which is different from changing the RPC of an existing network.

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