ERC1155 NFT Image not showing up in MetaMask mobile app

I recently added a NFT token in the MetaMask mobile app which I purchased from a NFT marketplace. It is a ERC1155 smart-contract on arbitrum one network. The tokenId is visible but unable to see the NFT image. I am able to fetch the metadata from the URI.

Any possible explanation for this?

hey @niraj ,Welcome to MetaMask community. :fox_face:
There is a similar discussion here, and the post mentions a solution. You can see if it works for you.


Hi @niraj !

MetaMask does not support viewing images that are ERC-1155. You can use MetaMask to store these assets.

This article for more information:

If your NFT is on Arbitrum, you could verify it’s there using (although you can’t see the image).