Error claiming LHINU

I recently connected my MetaMask wallet with LHINU website (lovehateinudotcom), and they seem correctly integrated, as LHINU token appears in my MetaMask wallet.
But when I try to claim my tokens, this error message appears:
“Your claim has failed. Please check if you have enough ETH for gas fees and have claimable tokens.”
I do have the requested 0.008 ETH (as informed in their site) on my wallet, so i´m not understanding how to avoid this error, can you help me please?

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If they are asking for 0.008 ETH, you will need to have 0.008 ETH + the gas fees required for the transaction, so you will need more than 0.008 ETH to complete the transaction.

Please also make sure you are interacting with a legitimate website, always do your own research.


I’ve got the same issue despite I’m sure to have enough ETH for gas fees.
Actually, I’ve got 0.117 ETH, it should be enough, shoudn’t it?

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Yes that´s right.
Thing is how can we contact LHINU support, can´t seem to find how…
If you find something please share.

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If this error message shows up on the LHINU website it is likely an issue with them. If they have a Discord or Telegram you can try reaching out to them there, and as always, please do your own research to make sure this is a safe token and website.


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