Metamask ETH token found transfer to ledger

Hello I need some assistance please. I have transferred yesterday from my Binance account to my Ledger X ETH tokens. unfortually this was nog succeeded, after many searching on Internet I found out that I can find my ETH tokens via Metamask. Now I have found my 1.798 tokens. I want to sent this back to my binance address, but it is telling me “insufficient balance” on GWEI / GasLimit. If I put this on 0 the GWEI I don’t see any issues, BUT I AM REALLY AFRAID OF LOSSING MY MONEY can somebody help me please.

Hi @idutchy74 you need some BNB on yours Ledger X ETH address.
Purchase BNB on binance and send it into your Ledger X ETH address.
Use BEP-20 network to withdraw BNB

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You mean I have to purchase BNB crypto binance coin to pay the gas?

@idutchy74 yes :slightly_smiling_face: you need some BNB to pay for gas on BSC network.

Okay I have BNB paid for 20€ now I want to transfer it to my ledger and I get an error? The gas is alright it accept it? Should I sent it to binance so than I keep it there instead of ledger placing?

@idutchy74 what error it shows? send a screenshot.

You must set “contract data” to enabled :point_down:*

It stil not working what adres should I sent you an image

Upload me a picture here:

You have Ethereum Contract Data set to Allowed?

yes I put the EHT contract to Allowed

new users are unable to add photo’s

YES :upside_down_face: Strict rules due to scammers.

But you can upload it here: and try sending a link.

done that, is not possible

appreciate your help

It should work :slightly_smiling_face: write me what error it shows.

can we perhaps whatsapp using?

Sorry I don’t use WhatsApp.

Send ETH


To: 0x384f…4662

Can you write me the full ETH address :slightly_smiling_face: then edit the post. For your safety.

what do you mean by edit the post





-1.79813995 ETH

Gaslimiet (units)


Gasprijs (GWEI)




activity log

Click View at

View at bscscan

and send me Error message