Error Connecting to Uniswap or CollectFuzzle

Uniswap and Collectfuzzle
Error Connecting: The Connection attempt Failed

I am unable to connect my MetaMask wallet to uniswap or collectfuzzle even though I was able to connect before from my desktop Brave and Chrome browser?
I can connect to Opensea but get an error connecting to Uniswap and collectfuzzle.
I have cleared my cache/cookies. Uninstalled an reinstalled the MM extension (10.14.6).
Updated my browser version for Brave (1.39.111) and Chrome (102.0.5005.63) to the latest versions.

I have a fuzzle pod which I’m trying to exchange on collectfuzzle and I’m also interested in connecting to the uniswap exchange but I’m not able to connect my MM wallet and wondering what else could be the issue?
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

I created a New MM wallet and tried connecting to Uniswap but the same Error message - Error connecting - The connection failed.

Do you think it has something to do with McAfee AntiVirus? Any help or guidance would be appreciated. Thank you

Hello, the team is investigating the connection problem,If you would like, you can submit a ticket to our support team at and click Start a conversation


Thank you for the update. I am able to connect to Opensea no problem but when I try connecting to uniswap and collectfuzzle the error - connection is instant? I tried searching my browser security settings to see if it’s something within Brave or Chrome but even when I try using the dapp browser on the Metamask mobile app from ios, all it does is just spin with no results? For additional context, I recently updated the browser versions on Brave and Chrome which is why I’m wondering if it has something to do with that which is why I uninstalled and reinstalled Metamask.

Well, recently, there have been many users’ feedback on the connection problem. You can also submit this problem to the help desk so that the team can handle it as soon as possible.



As @Tksly has shared, please submit a help desk ticket regarding this; thank you so much!

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